Swara Bhaskar opens about the trolls and says thanks

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Swara Bhaskar
Swara Bhaskar opens up about the OTT and trolls she has been facing since long. Recently she made her appearance in Bhaag Beanie Bhaag. While on this she says that it is a hard thing to keep a track of everything. She says that she has been writing foreword for books, she is protesting against injustice and is also working in many back to back movies.  She says that she it is good is she is doing something so nice and effectively.

Swara Bhaskar says that it was terrifying for her when she got this role. She says that beanie’s role is not less than terrific. She says the character is quite exhilarating and liberating and much more at the same time. Swara confronts that she actually went out and met many comedians, befriended them for this role. She sarcastically adds that they might bethinking as if I am stalking them. She says it was really fun to be a part as a student of stand up comedy. Swara Bhaskar is a versatile actress and she admires the stand up comics.

When she was asked that how she deals with the trolls, she replies that she is always with a thought that now hat will come next to her way. She says that though tell to ignore the trolling part and work regularly but it is draining. She says thanks to troll her for the fact that she is acknowledging that people troll only when you are doing something. And I am happy to know that.

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