Wipro drives up by 70% – through new CEO without stepping in office

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In the past five months, since new chief executive officer took over the Wipro, it is growing well. The new CEO drives it up by 70%without even entering in the office. Thierry Delaporte still have to visit once to Bangalore Headquarters. He is 53 years old and is continuously in a virtual tour from Paris where he lives. He have been meeting several customers, managers and workers and more around the globe.

Thierry is though trying to turn around the struggling business without letting the Covid – 19 affect him or slow him down. Thierry slashed from 25 people to 4 in terms of top ranks of leadership. Delaporte raised the bar of Wipro in certainly many aspects. He stepped up around acquisitions with much more coming his way. Mainly he focused his attention on engaging to their customers through meetings. He appeared in over 130 plus video conferences. He attends these conference to build new clients and with ne multi year contracts in U.S. and Europe.

Wipro’s stock have raised by about 70% since he got appointed. Wipro now becomes the India’s fourth largest outsourcing firms during the period. It is no doubt a victory for Wipro. Wipro was in need of more enthusiasm to build itself stronger and stand in the world of business.  Azim Premji own the firm in majority. He has been lagging his peers since years. But Vasupradha Srinivasan says that  Delaporte seems to have certain vision for the company itself. He is quite committed towards his work.

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