Rahman says – it is very important to keep reinventing

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A.R. Rahman
A.R. Rahman is a Oscar and Grammy Winner. He is a Indian composer. A.R. Rahman says it important to keep up with the innovation and invention. He feels like reinventing things are important. While on this note he says that he is one who keeps on challenging himself to do something out of the box for better and more. A.R. Rahman adds that after certain time the brain get numb and the magic of your intelligence or creativeness fades away. For which he says that it is important to keep reinventing.

A.R. Rahman explains it with a brilliant example. He says that we all are aware of the our own capabilities. But we forget that after a time things start getting boring. He says that the only way to keep fighting is keep reinventing. He thinks that he is done with something and he should always move away from it. A.R. Rahman share the example that we tend to eat similar food for certain days, it’s magic will fade away. Same happens with the human nature.

He says that he started his journey his journey from Roja in 1992. He started establishing his own journey and exploring the persona. While talking about the responsibilities he says that it comes from the role. For A.R. Rahman it is most important to nurture and explore the talent.

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