Divya Bhatnagar ‘s brother – I found a note stating her husband tortures

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Divya Bhatanagar
Divya Bhatnagar recently died due to Covid – 19 complications on Monday. Her brother says that he finds a note written by the actress. In the letter he finds that her husband Gagan Gabru used to abuse and torture her. While everyone is right now aware that Divya Bhatnagar died on Monday due to Covid – 19. But yet there are many aspects entangling here and there related to her demise. Many things are still on the set to reveal slowly but gradually.

In an interview, Divya Bhatnagar’s brother Devashish addresses the fact that the actress has left behind a hand written note in which she addresses all the details of how her husband Gagan Gabru used to abuse and torture her. He also tells that the actress did filed a police complaint too in November. He states after her sister’s marriage, her husband Gagan Gabru started abusing and torturing the actress. Divya Bhatnagar’s brother says that her sister was not well. Divya was mentally and physically harassed by her husband.

He further adds that he recently came across a hand written note from her cupboard. While in that note every detailing has been thrown light on. He states that he did told her sister to stay strong when she was hospitalized.


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