Sajid Khan says – when he is with Salman, it feels like Wajid has come

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Sajid khan
Sajid khan says that whenever he is with Salman Khan, he feels like Wajid Khan is near him. Wajid khan’s Demise was too early to believe on. While on other hand, his premature death has somewhere left a gaping hole in between music lovers and Bollywood music. Sajid Khan reveals that it is gracious for him to compose music without his brother Wajid khan. He addresses that it is more painful then it seems to be. He also tells that how during his new venture IPML whenever he observes Salman Khan, to him it feels like Wajid Khan is right there with him.

Sajid Khan opens up about how it is professionally difficult to work without his brother. He still cannot believe it. He recalls that it was a beautiful journey while Wajid Khan was with him. But now it feels like something is incomplete. He has now there is no one around him to whom he can talk or share. He states that Wajid Khan was 10 times better than him but he is no more.

To about his new venture IPML, he states that Wajid Khan used to love cricket an don that note he is starting this new venture. This new venture is all about music’s premiere league. He says that IPML is going to such a kind of First reality show in terms of singers, where the musicians will battle around.

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