Sundar Pichai says – He has to wait in lines for shared phones in india

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sundar pichai
Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Alphabet and Google. Sundar Pichai addresses it in his speech that growing up in India was difficult for him. There was no as such good access in terms of computer. He share that this made him realize that he needs to build a more inclusive world. He wishes to build a global digital economy and dreams to empower the next billion people. Pichai addresses that it was difficult to grow as a child in India.

While in Singapore FinTech Festival he states that though in India, he was having less access in terms of technology and computer. But he says that inclusion and opportunity was deeply personal to him. Along with all this he states some examples from his personal perception. Sundar Pichai says that he has to wait in long lines just to use a shared phone with everyone else.

He says that his life did change for once when his family got a rotatory phone. Pichai says that from then it was his wish to help bring technology and to as many people as he could. He also states that first by accelerating progress and secondly by deepening partnerships between businesses and government, he wishes to encourage many people out there. Pichai also talks about how Google Pay is helping India to bridge the digital divide.

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