Urmila Matondkar talks about her husband getting trolled

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Urmila Matondkar
Urmila Matondkar recently becomes the part of Shiv Sena. Urmila talks about her husband Mohsin Akhtar Mir. She and Mohsin got married in 2016 and since then her parents are facing trolls. Also, Urmila states about when Wikipedia refuses to change her parent’s name after her marriage. Urmila also changes her name to “Mariyam Akhtar Mir.” While, since then everyone is trolling Urmila Matondkar and starts saying her family ‘Unfortunate’, to which Urmila states – “He was called a terrorist, a Pakistani. I mean, there is a limit to where it should go…”

In a recent conversation she addresses – “They (trolls) have even infiltrated my Wikipedia page and they have gone and put my mother’s name as Rukhsana Ahmed and my father’s name as Shivinder Singh, two human beings who must be living somewhere in India but I don’t know of. My father’s name is Shrikant Matondkar and my mother’s name is Sunita Matondkar.”

She also adds – “To top it all, my husband is not only a Muslim but a Kashmiri Muslim. We both follow our religions in an equally staunch way. That gave them a bigger platform to troll me and constantly target him and his family. It was very unfortunate.”

During a conversation over online portal Urmila Matondkar says she is not thick skinned. She says – “I don’t have a thick skin but I think sensitivity is one of the strongest points of a woman. Being able to have that compassion, that empathy and that sensitivity are what makes me a woman.”

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