Payal Ghosh – “Do I have die to get the proceedings again?”

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payal ghosh
Payal Ghosh recently open up under MeToo and has put allegations on Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap regarding sexual misconduct. Payal states that it has been four months while she did put allegations on Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of Sexual Harassment. It is still remaining from the part of Mumbai police to start with investigation and do their job. While she says that it seems like she needs to die to for her proceedings to begin with.

Payal Ghosh says – “It’s been 4 months and no action has been taken against #AnuragKashyap inspite of me providing evidence. Do I have to die to get the proccedings going?” Payal Ghosh tweeted. In a separate tweet, she wrote, “It’s been a while and @mumbaipolice hasn’t done it’s best. An earnest request . It’s a matter of women and we should be aware of what examples we are setting.”

Payal files the case of Sexual Harassment to Anurag Kashyap in 2013. She addresses that Anurag Kashyap tries to molest her. While for all this Payal also meets Athawale, Union minister of state for Social Justice and Empowerment. After that, Athwale tweets and says – “According to Payal Ghosh’s arguments, Mumbai Police should arrest Anurag Kashyap. Otherwise we will protest soon.”

Paying gratitude to the politician Athawale, Payal tweets saying – “Thank you @RamdasAthawale Sir for standing by me and supporting me,”

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