UP Police constable was seen crying in the video complaining about the quality of the food

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UP Police Constable

UP Police constable was seen crying in the video complaining about the quality of the food: A constable in uniform from Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, arrived on the street and berated the poor quality of the food at the mess next to the police line. The soldier evaluated the food’s quality by taking some roti dal rice off of a platter. No officer is prepared to listen, he added, adding that basics like water are available. The soldier sobbed and spoke the truth about the meal he received in the mess in front of everyone.

Actually, despite the state government’s numerous assurances that the food served to police officers in the mess is of high quality, many issues are being raised by the Firozabad video. All of these allegations have been deemed false by Firozabad Police Line Constable Manoj Kumar. which in and of itself poses serious issues.

The evidence stated that Manoj had complained to his higher officers about not receiving good meals in the mess, where he was not heard. What was it at that point? The soldier picked up the plate, loaded it with roti, dal, and rice, and headed out onto the road. The soldier described his past while sobbing on the route. He claimed that the food being cooked in the chaos was of very poor quality. Even roti is unfit for consumption, and pulses are being treated similarly to water.

According to Constable Manoj, he repeatedly informed the police of this. There was no response when attempts were made to speak with him in person or over the phone. The soldier then had to travel on the highway. The police vehicle arrived at the scene at the same time that the senior police officers learned of the situation. He brought the police line and dragged Constable Manoj into the jeep. The police officers, however, are not yet prepared to comment on this.

It will be intriguing to observe whether this soldier’s voice will be silenced along with other protestors’ voices or if the Yogi government will make a significant choice over the food served at the police mess. Let us inform you that the Superintendent of Police inspects the mess, barracks, and stores of the police line every week. Despite this, there is a lot of controversy about the cuisine itself.

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