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Amir Khan

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan recently responded to critics who called for a boycott of his upcoming film Laal Singh Chaddha, a remake of the Oscar-winning Forrest Gump movie from Hollywood.

Since he will be making his big-screen comeback after a four-long hiatus, Aamir Khan was first asked how he was getting ready for the film’s release during a recent media encounter. The actor stated, “Nothing, just keeping my fingers crossed, praying to Lord Almighty and having faith in my audience,” during a press conference.

Amir Khan was once more questioned about trolls calling for a boycott of Laal Singh Chaddha during the occasion. Aamir expressed his desire to apologise to anyone he may have offended with his conduct and his continued optimism for the success of the film.

Main kisi ka dil nahin dukhana chahta; however, if logon ko film nai dekhni hai, then main uss baat ki izzat karunga, kya kar sakte hain. The movie is called Par Main Chahunga Ki Zyada Se Zyada Log Dekhein. I sincerely hope people enjoy the film, but I will also accept their decision if they choose not to see it. Ek film jo hai wo saikdon logon ke mehnat se banti hai. You really can’t do anything about that. However, I would still like Laal Singh Chaddha to be seen by plenty of people. I simply hope people enjoy it, since it takes a dedicated cast and crew to make a movie come to life,” the actor remarked.

Kareena Kapoor Khan, who portrays Rupa in the Advait Chandan-directed film, was previously questioned about her thoughts on the social media trends of movie boycotting. Kareena had a different perspective on it, stating that one must learn to disregard the criticism that will inevitably come from others and that a well-made film “will conquer anything.”

On August 11, Laal Singh Chaddha opens in theatres.

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