Anjali Arora becomes upset over the MMS leak video query

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Anjali Arora


The allegedly leaked MMS video of Lockup Azamah Fallah star Anjali Arora has gone viral. Azamah and Anjali Arora shared a scene on the OTT Lockup show. The two did not form at this time, and there were numerous fights. While they were in custody, their mothers also got into a fight. Azam Fallah recently had a video become viral in which she discussed the viral video without mentioning any specific individuals. attempting to mock Anjali Arora by bringing up the episode of incarceration there. She also makes a call to Karamjali. In this video, Trying says a lot of offensive things and is being followed.

Anjali Arora

Since Kacha Badam, Anjali Arora has been a social media celebrity, but she is currently in the news for the wrong reasons. On the web, a video leaked. Anjali Arora is allegedly the girl seen in the offensive pose. In relation to this footage, several things are happening on social media. Even still, there is no proof to support the assertion that Anjali Arora is the girl in the video. The footage of Azamah Fallah, who was imprisoned beside him, has since gone viral. Whatever you do, the outcome is the same, according to Aamaja’s caption for this video, which reads, “Karmajali video is viral.” Karma

Trying to discuss this, Hello, moviegoers. You must be familiar with Karamjali’s popular video. His actions have left him with such a heavy karma that I was unable to tolerate it and felt compelled to share Karamjali’s karma with you. His own clothing were discovered to be missing, while ours were dumped on the dungeon’s terrace. How did you feel when Karma struck him, if you don’t mind my asking?

Anjali Arora

Although the video was of Hollywood quality, the quality of the video was very poor. Karamjali dances and makes videos of almonds in the reel. This time, his almonds were not visible in high definition. Azama says, “Hail Azama Fallah, whoever did this incident with Karamjali.” Finally, she says, “My goat has been saved; otherwise, this Karamjali is causing major karma scandals.” I’m relieved that my goat survived.

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