Trailer release of India’s first silent web series ‘SULTANAT THE WAR FOR POWER’, 20 year old Reyhan did wonders

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Reyhan SharmaIf the intention is strong then anything is possible. The lead actor and writer, director of ‘SULTANAT THE WAR FOR POWER’ 20-year-old young Reyhan Sharma has proved this. The trailer of India’s first silent web series has been released and on 4th September this entire series may be released on MX Player.

After the release of the trailer, the audience showed enthusiasm

There has been a lot of enthusiasm among the audience since the release of the trailer of Sultanat The War For Power. Many people have congratulated Reyhan Sharma and the entire team through comments on YouTube. Being India’s first silent web series is a big deal in itself, along with the performance of this work by a young boy is an even bigger thing.

Reyhan Sharma is an engineering student

In a conversation with the media, Reyhan told that he is currently completing his engineering studies from Bangalore. He was fond of acting since childhood, even before he has released some of his web series on Instagram.

After the release of the trailer, good reactions of the audience are coming. Now it has to be seen how much people likes this unique work. However, for this you will have to wait till 4 September.

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