How Rana Lincoln Das faced challenges keeping his grandfather’s words in mind

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How Rana Lincoln Das faced challenges keeping his grandfather's words in mind
How Rana Lincoln Das faced challenges keeping his grandfather’s words in mind

Rana Lincoln Das : There are many people in our life from whom we are inspired. And he becomes a place of inspiration for us. At every turn, his words help us to give success in life. Many times our grandfather, great-grandfather become our inspiration, and their words increase our confidence further. One such story is of Rana Lincoln Das.

Rana Lincoln Das was born on 5 October in West Bengal. He completed his entire education in India itself. And after that as a schoolboy he was selected under 14 cricket team for his state. But unfortunately after only a few games, he suffered an injury that stopped his career on its track. He joined his grandfather’s company.

Due to his hard work, he was promoted to the highest post in a short time. Rana did a great job with many famous film and other VIP clients who came to the training company. And now talking about Rana’s film world, he made his film and acting debut by a well-known Bollywood company. His modeling and acting are discussed all over India, and she is in great demand in India as well. He also has many followers on social media, and is often invited as the chief guest at large gatherings.

And now let’s talk about the relationship between him and his grandfather. Rana Lincoln Das has come a long way with his talent and intelligence and has accepted challenges at every turn of his life. However, some time ago his grandfather (Dr. David Lincoln) died. Dr. David Lincoln was a very gentle person and he always taught him to be positive in life, as well as respect everyone and not run after money. Hearing this, Rana Das is at a good position today.

Rana’s grandfather always told him that whatever happens, be honest and this thing had become a rule for Rana. And then Rana realized that it is better not to trust people easily, as he has been cheated by many of his people, friends and even some family members. Rana Das’s family members were good, but he never contacted Rana after his work was done. And even when Rana was needed by the family after his grandfather passed away, he was badly betrayed by the family members. The matter went on and on. Some family members of Rana blamed him for all these incidents and called him a blackmailer, liar and other names. About which Rana considers it right to sit quietly.

And after this Rana took hold in his mind that he would never contact their selfish members in future and he prefers to be happy in his own life. And Rana feels at heart that true love, affection for his grandfather will help him carry on the legacy and make him feel proud. Rana also believes that his grandfather is standing with him at his turn. His shadow is with him to guide him on every path and lead him through all the obstacles.


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