Zuber K Khan and actress Pentali Sen completes new album song shoot

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Zuber K KhanActor Zuber K Khan has recently shot for a new album song in which actress Pantali Sen will be seen in the female lead. The album song is directed by Sanjeev Kumar Rajput while the producer is Pantali Sen herself. The shooting of the music album has been completed in Mumbai only. According to director Sanjeev Kumar Rajput, the song is a party song which has been shot in a very colorful and bar location.

Actor Zuber K Khan said that he has already done 3 films with director Sanjeev Kumar Rajput, out of which 1 film ‘Haunted Hills’ has been released in theaters and the remaining 2 films ‘Damned Graveyard‘ and ‘Gotakhor‘ are in post production now. Zuber K Khan says that this song is going to be very much liked by the audience due to the music and lyrics of this song. The actor said that it will make youth dance during a party or in bar.

Actor Zuber K Khan played the lead in recently done film Nyaay: The Justice based on the life of Sushant Singh Rajput. Elaborating on the album song she has just shot, actress Pentali Sen says that she herself is a dancer and model, so this song is perfect for her. Since Pantali Sen is a dancer, the audience will get to see her dance in full swing in this party album song.

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