Swara Bhaskar says – she is still trying to make mark in the world

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Swara Bhaskar starrer three distinct web series came on the floor this year. She says that she is happy to have such busy year in the era of pandemic too. She has been working for three distinct web series and was busy. Swara recalls the time when she had no work and things were not this easy for her. While it was all she was talking about het acting career in starting. She addresses that she is still trying to make a mark in the world. She also says that though many things are challenging her but things have got better too from earlier. Swara says that there are still many things, she is trying on regularly.

She addresses when she started working in this industry, she was timid and confused. She states though she faced such challenges, nothing made her go away from her aims. Amid this conversation she states that she was always ambitious, no matter what. Actor says that this is usually the fact for all the actor’s beginning. She states that at that point of time, one is full of uncertainty and anxiety and the peace of mind at that time depends upon the work one does.

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