Bhavana Pandey says that Chunky was on its lowest when married

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Bhavana Pandey
Bhavana Pandey says that Chunky Pandey was at its lowest phase when there marriage took place. Bhavana reveals that there was no as Bollywood work and also he has let the work too. Chunky and Bhavana’s marriage took place in 1998. She says that at that point of time, Chunky Pandey as a professional was at its lowest stage and his career was not so viable too. While amid this she addresses that though all this was there. But Chunky Pandey never made her feel like something is wrong or something is not goin right in his life. Chunky Pandey made his successful debut from Neelam Kothari Soni starring movie Aag hi Aag in 1987. While after this movie acme on the floors Chunky’s career grew all along thoroughly. But after several years he started facing challenges.

Bhavana Pandey states that while all this was happening Chunky then started showing interest in the Bangladesh Film Industry in around 1995 and become a very popular star there. She says that after doing all this he came back in Bollywood where he started doing supporting roles. She says that when they both started dating Chunky was much positive and she was glad to date such a positive person. Bhavana addresses that it was the reason she then decided to marry him. She also reveals that Chunky was always someone who keeps on laughing and joking he is a real nice person.

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