Gautam Adani says – India is to produce cheapest electricity

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Gautam Adani
Gautam Adani says that India is right now at a dramatic inflexion point. He says that it is where its economy will now grow ten times  by around 2050. He says that India is having various trillion dollar companies and says that India is about to produce cheapest power. This power is about to produce from renewable energy. While talking at TiE Global Summit on ‘Incredible India and the opportunities ahead for India’ Gautam Adani states many things. He says that he saw India’s GDP rising to dollar 28 trillion by around 2050 from what we currently have.

Adani also says that right now we are having dollar 2.8 trillion as stock market valuation. He says that India will be home to one out of three middle class people in the whole world. Adani has already set the goal this year of his group to become world’s largest renewable power company by around 2025. While Adani says that India will soon become the first cheapest electricity producer. He addresses though it will be challenging but we will conquer this. He says that all of them simply cannot denial the opportunity that awaits India. While saying all this he states that many things in India’s favor too.

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