Steve Smith: It was a wonderful opportunity to lead MS Dhoni in the IPL

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Steve Smith, the ace batsman for Australia, admitted that leading MS Dhoni throughout the 2017 IPL season for the Rising Pune Super Giants was both an amazing experience and a difficult one. Smith continued by saying that that year’s “Captain Cool” taught him a lot.

Steve Smith: It was a wonderful opportunity to lead MS Dhoni in the IPL
Steve Smith: It was a wonderful opportunity to lead MS Dhoni in the IPL

Steve Smith was the captain of the Pune team

Smith was the captain of the Pune team that year, which included Dhoni because Chennai Super Kings was serving a two-year suspension from the league. By just one run, Smith-led RPSG came up short of winning the championship that year.

Smith told Star Sports that captaining him was both a terrific experience and a very intimidating task.
In the upcoming IPL season, Smith will be a member of the commentary crew.

Smith reflected on his time as the RPS captain and how Dhoni was instrumental in that season “It was a little intimidating when I received the call informing me that I would be the captain. But MSD was simply fantastic during that season. He is a great guy and helped in whatever way he could, you know.”

Smith also discussed the feelings he experienced after being chosen as the RPS squad’s captain and how it felt to be in charge of a team that included Dhoni.
“While MS had led every team he had ever played for, including Chennai in the IPL, I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. I should say every season.

“But when they came and asked, I must admit that I was initially a little taken aback and was at a loss for words. The question was, “Have you discussed this with MS?” From my perspective, this is a little weird, but MS was fantastic after we got everything figured out.

“And it was amazing how he supported me and led that team that year. Oh yes, I cannot express my gratitude to him.”

Steve Smith claimed he was discussing concepts with Dhoni.

“He served as a sounding board for my ideas. He has an incredible perspective of the action because he is positioned behind the stumps. Since India is his home country and where he plays, he certainly has a great understanding of the angles and playing conditions there.”
The Australian went on to discuss what he had been able to pick up over the years from Dhoni and mimic.

“We witnessed MS’s ability to remain composed throughout his career, in my opinion. He didn’t appear to be upset by any feelings or anything similar ” And that’s definitely something I saw when watching him go about his job in the previous years, not only during that season, how composed and at ease he was. And you know, at times I can become fairly irritated and stuff like that. \s” I must therefore make every effort to maintain my composure and sense of reason. And yes, that is something I undeniably learnt from MS.”

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