Lalit Modi,Threatening to sue Rahul Gandhi in the UK

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Lalit Modi,Threatening to sue Rahul Gandhi in the UK
Days after Rahul Gandhi was found guilty of defamation for his remarks against the surname Modi, Lalit Modi decided to file a lawsuit against him.

Estrade Herald: Rahul Gandhi, the former leader of the Congress party, has been accused of corruption and money laundering in remarks made by Lalit Modi, the former IPL commissioner, who has indicated that he will sue Gandhi in a UK court. After being accused of financial irregularities in the IPL, Mr. Lalit Modi, who has been residing in London since 2010, lashed out at Mr. Gandhi on Twitter on Thursday, saying he “looked forward to watching him make a complete fool of himself.”

A few days after Mr. Gandhi was found guilty of defamation and given a two-year prison sentence by a Surat court for remarks he made at an electoral rally in 2019 that were perceived as an insult to the prime minister and individuals who share his surname, Mr. Modi decided to pursue legal action against him. Why do thieves all share the last name Modi? In his remarks, Mr. Gandhi included PM Modi alongside Lalit Modi and wanted diamond heiress Nirav Modi. His disqualification from serving in parliament as a result of the conviction.

Mr. Modi asserted that he has never been convicted of a crime and questioned Mr. Gandhi’s justification for referring to him as a “fugitive of justice.” He further asserted that his family has done more for India than the Gandhi family and that he has produced “the greatest athletic event in this planet,” which has brought in close to 100 billion dollars. He urged Mr. Gandhi to back up his claims, and he claimed he was eager to watch him humiliate himself in front of the jury.

Additionally, Mr. Lalit Modi claimed that he could offer the addresses and pictures of the properties owned by a number of Congress officials who were accused of having assets abroad. He declared that as soon as India adopts strict libel laws, he will come back.

Mr. Gandhi is still silent in response to Mr. Modi’s tweets and legal threat. His party has insisted that his conviction was influenced by politics, and he will file an appeal with a higher court. Mr. Gandhi has made no secret of his disapproval of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his administration on a number of fronts, most notably crony capitalism.

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