AR Rahman reveals the harsh reality of Bollywood industry

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Think back to the 2020 interview where AR Rahman disclosed that the Bollywood industry was conspiring against him. You must not let it slip by.

After Priyanka Chopra Jonas mustered the guts to speak out about being harassed in Bollywood, we have intermittently come across other stories. When discussing her choice to relocate to the West, the actress admitted that she felt “cornered” during a podcast interview for Citadel promotion. Many people who acknowledged their experiences in the profession cited the worldwide diva as an inspiration. In the midst of all of this, an old interview with music legend and Oscar winner AR Rahman has come up online.

A little excerpt of his prior interview was posted on social media by a new portal, and Kangana Ranaut then reposted it on Twitter. We’ll talk to you about the old interview that is currently garnering attention even if many of you don’t know much about it.

R Rahman made this allegation

AR Rahman was questioned in July 2020 about writing fewer music for Bollywood. AR Rahman remarked, “I don’t say no to good movies, but I think there is a big gang in Bollywood working against me and spreading certain false rumours,” in an interview with RJ Suren for Radio Mirchi’s weekly Top 20 Celeb Special broadcast (about me). But, there is another gang of individuals stopping what is expected of me from occurring. I believe in destiny, so it’s okay. I think that God is the source of all things. As a result, I am watching my movies and doing other things. But feel free to see me at any time. You are invited to visit me if you make great movies.

“I provided Mukesh Chhabra four tracks in just two days after he approached me. “Sir,” he added, “how many people tell me stories after stories about not going to him (AR Rahman),” he said. As I heard it, I came to the realisation that I now knew why I was working less in Hindi movies and why the good movies weren’t coming my way. Okay, OK. I’m making dark movies because a large group of people are trying to damage me without realising they’re doing it, the music legend revealed to his audience.

A snippet of AR Rahman’s interview appeared online this morning and was afterwards shared by Kangana Ranaut. In a series of Tweets, she denounced Bollywood kids who form groups, intimidate, harass, and even kill people they perceive as talented.

What do you think of music Mastero’s comment now that we’re back? Do inform us.

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