Little Pygmy Possum found on Kangaroo island – Australia

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Little Pygmy Possum
Ecologist finds a Little Pygmy Possum in Australia on Kangaroo Island. After the bush fire, it is the first time when this Little Pygmy Possum appears. While most of their species destroyed earlier only due to the devastating blaze that took place in summer. Pygmy considers to be the world smallest possum. Every single possum has disappeared from region of South Australian island.

But conservational group of kangaroo island land precisely for wildlife finds that Little Pygmy Possum is one of the largest conservationist effort across the whole island. The bushfire took place in 2019-20. While they tells that in December – January almost half of the 440, 500 hectares island did burnt all around.

Pat Hodgens is a fauna ecologist, he tells that for Australia it is very significant to take place. He says that fire burnt 88% of the possum species and it was severely impacted.

The Little Pygmy weighs only 10 grams. Scientists says that they discovers it in Tasmania in Australia. While on the other hand he says that he was quite optimistic regarding this from earlier. Hodgens says thatt it was sort of data deficiency due to which they were unable to read more the possums or study about them.

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