Sajid Khan open about his working lifestyle the death of Wajid Khan

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Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan talks about how year 2020 has been all difficult for him to live by. Due to Sudden Departure of his brother Wajid Khan he was left with nothing but grief. Sajid Khan opens about working with his melodious partner and says – “”Before Wajid used to meet every day and I always used to be inside. And now, I have to meet all the artists. All the singers and artists, Wajid used to be friends with them. Now I have to become friends with everyone and work with them”.

He further adds and tells about his experience without Wajid Khan and says – “I am doing, I am trying to do things, I understand before we used to share our music and deliver and now, there is nobody. But our entire team is there, people we’ve been working with they all are there and there is a possibility of doing different kind of projects and different kinds of melodies.”

Sajid Khan concludes by saying that it feels like Wajid Khan is still around him and says – “Sometimes I feel he (Wajid) has come into my composition. And he’s always there you know. I really don’t want to think and believe he’s no more. I feel him in the studio, I feel him at home, I feel him when I am driving alone. You know most of the times songs are so many hits. And when I listen to the radio or something or some song comes up. He’s very much there inside me and I don’t feel he’s no more. Till the time I’m dying, he’s there with me. He’s very much with me, and I love him yaar. For the world, we must be a jodi but he was my blood brother”.

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