Pankaj Tripathi says I had to work harder to play in “Kaagaz”

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Pankaj Tripathi
Pankaj Tripathi recently talks about that how audience also did want to have him in a movie as lead role. Pankaj also talks about how it was real difficult and how much he has to work harder to get in to this. He says – “Many people thought I deserved to play the lead role in a film. That desire will get fulfilled with Kaagaz“.

He also shares excerpts from his struggle – “I too had a journey of 17-18 years in Mumbai before I could prove myself as an actor. So his and my fight for identity is similar.” Talking about how he feels his roots are in connection with Lal Bihari, Pankaj Tripathi says – ““I belong to the same region in terms of culture and language. I hail from a place that’s 100 kilometers away from Azamgarh (Lal Bihari’s place). So his world wasn’t new to me.”

He concludes by saying that how he feels he has been into many responsibilities just because being a protagonist. He further adds to it and says – ““Be it a small or a big role, there is always a responsibility towards doing your job with honesty and to the best of your caliber. Over here, the responsibility didn’t increase as such, but I did know that all eyes will be on my performance. So I had to work harder. An artiste does become more aware in such a scenario.”

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