Saif Ali Khan says failure of Laal Kaptaan is like a mini death in family

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Saif Ali Khan talks about how it was difficult to accept the failure of movie Laal Kaptaan. He talks about the hard work he did and says – “I worked so hard on Laal Kaptaan. Every film has become a baby of ours. And Laal Kaptaan was crazy, because there was so much makeup time, and we travelled and we did things that you can’t do, unless you love film. Also that acting experience of playing a Naga sadhu, with five kilos of hair and makeup, it changes you. And even if the film doesn’t run, very sad, like a mini death in the family… We move on after a while.” Speaking about his other previous projects, Saif added, “Kaalakaandi doesn’t run, but you come across so many actors in the digital space, different kinds of actors you wouldn’t have met. Chef might not have run, but maybe I’ll learn what not to do.”

Further talking about how and by what got into form again mentally and professionally. Saif says – “Honestly, I believe I have worked very hard. I was in a bit of a ditch, mentally and professionally. I managed to get out of that. It is like climbing a mountain. I feel like I am on base camp 1 and we have made progress but there is a long way to go. The ropes are set, the boots are tied, and we have got our sights on the hill and we are climbing. There is a really nice line-up. I am super excited Bhoot Police is finally, 80% complete and it’s a dream role for me. We really had a good time doing that.”

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