Rrajesh Mallaya (M/S Bollywood Film Equiments) Biography, Age, Wiki And More !

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Rrajesh Mallaya
RRAJESH MALLAYA, owner of M/S Bollywood Film Equipments


BIRTHDAY 15 April 1975
BIRTH PLACE Mumbai, Maharashtra (India)
AGE (in 2020) 46 Years Old
COMPANY  M/S Bollywood Film Equipments
NET WORTH        10Cr+

Rrajesh Mallaya is an Indian business person  and the owner of famous company M/S Bollywood Film Equipments. He is the one and only film equipments’ business person who has given film industry so many unique film equipments.


Rrajesh Mallaya was only 13 years old when he started his career in film industry as a camera attendant. Mallaya used to get only 60Rs salary for his work those days. He has worked for more than 300 films with almost of Bollywood superstars including Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmenra, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

Jimmy Jib founder in Bollywood

Rrajesh Mallaya is the first person who introduced Jimmy Jib to the Bollywood Film Industry. The use of Jimmy Jib was only limited to Hollywood those days. He thanks to his company and team for being with him while making the first Jimmy Jib in India. Since then, Jimmy Jib has been used in every big and small film. With this, Rrajesh Mallaya says that he built a lone 80-foot crane which is being used extensively in Bollywood.

With all of this Mallaya has given so many tools and equipment to the Bollywood film industry and proven that you cab do anything if you really have the passion to do.

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