Monya: A Touching Story About A Father-Daughter Relationship

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Monya Short FIlm
Since the past few years, producers and filmmakers have been taking an active interest in the short format and this has proved to be a blessing for filmmakers who wish to tell short stories that touch hearts and also send across a message on a modest budget and a limited amount of time.
KBJ Entertainment’s latest offering ‘Monya’, which revolves around a father-daughter relationship, is one such film that seems to have won hearts and minds ever since it released on February 18 this year. Starring actors Rishi Deshpande as the titular character, ‘Monya’ also stars Ankita Nikrad, Deepa Sagar Amre, Abhijit Deo, Milind Uke, Chandan Jamdade, Awadhesh Bhosle, Shravan Vichare and others.
Set against the backdrop of a middle-class family staying on the outskirts of the city, ‘Monya’ revolves around a mild-mannered man named Mohan Deshpande who has always lived by his middle-class values and has never taken a stand for himself or for his family members, which is a bone of contention between him and his rebellious daughter Shalini.
Monya Short Film However, one night, when Shalini lashes out at her father and calls him a loser for not taking a stand for her, it is left to her timid father Mohan to take a hard look at his ideals and values and find the courage to be a hero in the eyes of his daughter again.
Directed by Shibu Sable, who had also helmed KBJ Entertainment’s award-winning debut production ‘Mishti Doi’, ‘Monya’, which has been written by Jaidev Hemmady and Shibu Sable, is a touching story that will surely appeal to fathers and daughters alike. A good script, admirable performances and impeccable direction are equally important to make a good film and Monya has achieved this beyond all doubts.
Apart from telling a touching story, ‘Monya’ also raises questions and puts its point across about what we term ‘middle class’ values that we hold so dear.
Produced under the KBJ Entertainment banner by Harshada Patankar and Swar N Patankar, ‘Monya’ boasts of a stellar technical team comprising DOP Bhavesh Rawal, costume stylist Amruta V, art director Ajay Chaudhry, sound designer Abhijit Deo, music composer Anurag Godbole, editor Shraddha Pendurkar and others.

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