Rajeeth Singh Sethi inaugurated TVP RAO ‘s ICE N JUICE by cutting ribbon

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Rajeeth Singh Sethi ICe n Jiuce Boxer Rajeeth Singh Sethi has inaugurated an ice cream plarlour in Hyderabad by cutting ribbon on 16 February. TVP Rao is the owner of this shop named ICE n JUICE. TVP Rao invited international boxer Rajeeth Singh Sethi, not only in Hyderabad but also a well-known International celebrity, to inauguate the juice shop. Due to a lot of love from his Hyderabad residents, Rajeeth Singh Sethi took time out of his busy schedule and inaugurated the shop.

About the ‘Ice n Juice’ Rajeeth Singh Sethi says, “TVP Rao is a very good friend of mine. He invited me to inaugurate the ‘ICE n JUICE’
an ice cream parlour Shop, I am thankful to him. I accept that being an international boxer, people invite me from all over the country as chief guests, but when someone from my own city gives such an honor, it feels very happy.”

Rajeeth Singh Sethi is an international boxer who recently joined Bollywood as an actor. In Bollywood, he is playing a very important character in the film The Third Hacker.

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