Renee says it is biggest privilege to be Sushmita Sen’s daughter

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Renee recently opens about her upbringing by the best mother Sushmita Sen and talks about it in an interview. Renee says that – “I am aware of how privileged I am. I know there are lakhs of people coming to Mumbai to become actors. I don’t want to boast but being her daughter has been the biggest privilege. So, the biggest disservice I will do if I am dishonest to my work.

Renee further adds and tells about – “My mother always says that you must be deserving, and you cannot just take someone’s place because you are my daughter, if you don’t earn it then don’t be in it. I am very lucky, and I have to earn being here every day.”

She addresses Sushmita Sen’s reaction towards her acting debut and tells that – “I think she cried a little. Alisah was very happy. She’s very observant, so when she says you’ve done a good job, you know you’ve actually done a good job. And Rohman Uncle said he was very proud of me.”

Renee says that Sushmita Sen always has been saying that do what you deserve and what you can rather than snatching someone else’s place. She feels she has the biggest privilege.

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