Nailpolish : Manav Kaul says it is most of the challenging role I did

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Manav Kaul is in the star cast of movie Nailpolish. Talking about his role in Nailpolish he says that it has been the most challenging role for him of till now. Talking about it further Manav Kaul says – “I cannot say best because that is for the audience to decide. However, it is the most challenging role I have done till now. I couldn’t sleep for days. I remember, just two days before the shoot of the Charu Raina sequence, late in the night, I texted Bugs that I am scared, which has not happened to me before.”

Talking about after internising a role and then having difficulty in letting it go. Manav Kaul says – “I used to feel that it is not tough but it is. It (the character) took its own sweet time to get out of me. I remember, even after 10-15 days of completing the film, I used to touch my hair a lot. It wasn’t conscious. Deep down, Charu Raina is a very emotional character. So, it did take a toll. The experience is unexplainable but as an actor, I get drawn to such characters where you get to explore what you are capable to do.”

He further adds and put some light on hid first impression of Veer Singh. He says – “I was in shock. I told Bugs that I would need help to perform this. However, he was confident that I can do it. He left the character to my interpretation, which is even more difficult to do because I did not have references. But because I get drawn to difficult things, I got attracted to the character for the challenges it possessed.”

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