Nokia starts the production of 5G equipments in India

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Nokia has already been working on the 5G equipments in India. Recently the HMD Global Vice President Sanmeet Kochhar have stated that Nokia is all set to bring the 5G equipments. They said that they are planning to bring 5G enabled equipments in India for the masses. They announces that they are on the production for 5G next generation equipments. Vice President addresses that the production is ongoing on their Chennai site. While they says the Finnish Company is onto the production of Nokia AirScale massive Multiple Output (mMIMO) solution after coming out to be as the first company company to manufacture the 5G New radio in India. And the eqiupment is going to used for basically the advanced stages of 5G deployment.

Nokia official says that their factory will be the benchmark and has emerged towards it. They states that it will bring a complete change in India’s manufacturing capabilities. And will turn the table around for whole telecom technology to operators in our country. While on the other note they states that Nokia will always be remembered for their innovative manufacturing capabilities., as it becomes the first company to manufacture 5G new radio.

Also in a addition to this they states that they have the capabilities and new skills to talent out the new things and services in India being the first platform.

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