Apple gives one billion dollar as compensation to Samsung, this is the reason !

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Samsung AppleThe higher the iPhone sales, the more Samsung gains. Now you must be thinking that if the phone is being sold by Apple, then how is Samsung benefiting, then for your information, let us know that the company buys the display of its iPhone from Samsung itself. In such a situation, Samsung also earns from the sale of iPhone.

Now a new report has come out, according to which Apple has given one billion dollars i.e. about Rs 7,527 crore as compensation to Samsung. Actually, the matter is such that Apple has given this fine due to buying less display for iPhone. This information has come from the report of the Display Supply Chain Consultant (DSCC).

Samsung supplies OLED displays for Apple’s iPhone. This year, iPhone sales have been affected due to the outbreak of infection, due to which the company has bought fewer displays and due to this Apple has to pay this compensation. Actually, every year there is a deal between Apple and Samsung to buy a fixed quantity of display and a penalty is paid for not buying a fixed quantity of display.

Company paid a hefty amount to Samsung last year for the same reason. You will be surprised to know that Samsung has come in profit after this compensation, while the company was running in loss. Last year, Apple gave $ 684 million dollars to Samsung for not buying the display.

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