Kriti Kharbanda says that it breaks you a little bit on Bollywood’s negativity

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Kriti Kharbanda
Kriti Kharbanda recently speaks about the negativity that has been wandering in Bollywood Industry. She says that she is learning to avoid the negativity at its most. Kriti Kharbanda also states that you become victorious once you learn to avoid such hurdles. She says that anyone who is right now the part of Bollywood or Hindi film industry do experiences the negativity for once.

While she also addresses that no one from the Film industry remains unscathed by all the negativity including her. Kriti Kharbanda says that there are two sides of coins, though we can’t rely on just one side. But we can just try to makes us stronger enough to not get much into this.

She believes that it is a phase and will pass on surely. She shares that it has been the motto of her life. Kriti states “yeh bhi nikal jayega” in context to the sufferings due to negativity. Kriti says that it is something she has always strived for this in her life. She further adds that she is in love with the her film industry and she will stand by it always.

Kriti says that this is something she applies to her personal and professional life, no matter what. She says whatever might happen but her commitment towards her job won’t change.

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