Chandan Roy Sanyal says Rishi Kapoor introduced me to Irrfan

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Chandan Roy Sanyal
Chandan Roy Sanyal recently shares most out of him and tell how Rishi Kapoor introduces him to Irrfan. He says – “I did 2 films with him, D-Day and Jazbaa. I didn’t share the screen with him. But, I shared many evenings with him during the shoot of D-Day. Actually, Mr Rishi Kapoor was the one who introduced me to Mr Khan for the first time in a hotel in Ahmedabad while we were shooting for D-Day. Every evening we used to meet in Rishi Kapoor’s room, Irrfan saab aate the, Arjun Rampal, Main junior tha sabse, so main unki baatein sunta tha. Mr Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor used to discuss old films, Raj Kapoor’s films, Guru Dutt’s films, and the golden age of cinema. So much to learn. And Mr Rishi Kapoor believed that he loved working with actors like Irrfan Khan. It was quite tragic that last year they left one day after the other. Both of them left.”

Chandan Roy Sanyal talks about the trait of Irrfan he wants to imbibe and says – “He (Irrfan) was a wanderer, explorer, adventurer. That is something I believe I could bring into my craft. I believe I can bring in that sense of adventure, sense of belonging, sense of roots, and the kind of taste he had in books, literature, and craft. I wish I have some of it and in my acting and excel.”

Further on his birthday, he remembers him and says – “Wish him a very happy birthday wherever he is. He should be fine and peaceful, looking down at all of us actors. I seek his blessings from up there. He probably is blessing all of us.”

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