Mukesh Chhabra says – you will see many new actors soon

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Mukesh Chhabra
Mukesh Chhabra says that this year has been tough for many around us. He says while that for directors too it was no different. They were constantly facing the  challenges too. From the sudden demise of  Sushant Singh Rajput to make the directorial debut in 2020, it was getting tough otherwise. He says that this era of pandemic have been like a roller coaster ride for everyone around here. In a recent interview cum interaction session section he reveals that one should promoting new talent and nad he is looking forward to it. Also he addresses the fact it is getting difficult to cope up with the new projects with lockdown still being active.

Mukesh Chhabra states that this time of pandemic seems to even  little more than the roller coaster ride. He explains that how is he been facing challenges. From releasing Dil Bechara to the sudden demise of Sushant to a memorable success of Scam 1992. He staes it to be his biggest learning till now. Mukesh says that it was great working online too and experiencing something new. He says that he cast so many people during the pandemic era.

He states that he is forgetting of how many actors he have seen in process. Mukesh says that he utilized his time very well in this pandemic era by continuing the work and learning new experiences.

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