Facebook to face antitrust issues over deals with Instagram and WhatApp

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Facebook is also experiencing new challenges now. The legal challenges are one by one striking the Facebook. Coalition of attorney generals and US Fedreal Trade Commision from around 40 states are preparing the antitrust suits against Facebook. Also though the specific charges are yet unclear but sources are the antitrust allegations to target on the tech giant’s acquisition of two massive apps. At such time of acquisition, Instagram is having 30 million users and even though it is rapidly growing. But yet isn’t making any money from it. While on the other hand, WhatsApp has about 450 million users who are monthly active.

The FTC has been clearing all the acquisition that are occuring on Facebook and the company is trying to leverage the approvals in order to mount the defense. But as all this is happening Facebook is right now under the scrutiny as the deals were done. FTC has been launching certain new investigations on this potential antitrust violations in 2019. The FTC’s finding will sort of help and bring on the seperate inquiry regarding this.

The deals as says is about the providing the more choices and more better products to its consumers. Facebook’s success ahs always been the innovation.

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