Sanya Malhotra says – she is happy to entertain audience during pandemic

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Sanya  Malhotra
Recently audience praises Sanya Malhotra for her OTT release. On which she address that she is happy to entertain the audience such era of pandemic. Sanya Malhotra says that though it has been difficult and certainly impossible to connect to the audience digitally. But right now it is the only option remaining with us and we should consider this as an asset. She addresses that though the theatre took a back step in this era of pandemic. But OTT platforms to begun to come forward. She reveals that it was only due to the digital platforms that she was able to showcase her talent. Her recent two OTT release were Shakuntala Devi and Ludo, which considerably were big release for her.

Sanya Malhotra that digital platforms are nowhere the usual way to connect to the masses in right way but heartfelt gratitude for bringing it in focus. Sanya states that theoritical releases are magic on their own. She state her thoughts about big screen and says that big screens are never going to die out though OTT is emerging. She also says that the charm and enthusiasm for big screens will always the same. Sanya says that going to theatre is a sure experience for everyone. She states that getting ready for theatres and visiting their with friends is an ultimate level of charm that will never die.

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