Mallika Dua says it is the everyday stuffs that effect one’s mind

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In today’s world due to many ups and downs in Bollywood, a celebrity loses the aura. Mallika Dua says that once you enter in this vast world, there is no step back. Actress says that it becomes difficult to make audience understand that there is nothing like we consume a lot. Mallika says that to switch from luxury creates a downside and the person can lose bit of work.

On several comments she added that though everyone is doing their best but a fear of not doing something like their competitor still persists. Mallika Dua says that it does not matter if someone is regular on social media. While someone is playing goof on the online portals or OTT shows. Everyone have to work accordingly. She says now that everyone is aware of pandemic, it is important to work on individual’s mental health. She added that big incidents are not something that would always affect. But day to day consequences can whirl the doings too.

According to her, mental health was never a taboo for her. She was always aware of the term and its consequences. She says going to be part of therapy is like going to gym. There’s nothing big or unusual about it. On this she added that she never feels like taking one since she is into entertainment world.

Mallika Dua is also known for her comedy tactics. According to her statements, 2020 was quite productive for her. She shot for three non-fiction. Apart from all this she also enjoyed the process of living. It was fun for her to live with her parents and spend time with them.

Mallika Dua will soon be seen in Indoo ki Jawani, a Kiara Advani starrer movie as a  role of her friend. She says that she feels glad.

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