Fish aged 81 found in Australia – called Midnight Snapper

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Scientists and researchers found a 81 year old midnight snapper. It is true to say that this fish was present during second world war too. No one is aware about its name. Australian institute of Marine science revealed it to be the oldest reef fish being tropical in 2016. Such discoveries have vast range of studying about how biological factors or changing ocean factors affects the fish and other creatures like this.

As earlier on the same note a Red Bass discovery took place in 1977. The Red Bass was of 79 years old. they saw it in a fisheries survey. Both the fishes are known to caught in Australia. While on other hand the scientists and co-authors took a breath and started researching more for it.

A fish biologist named Dr. Brett Taylor led whole study at the institute. For Brett it was unbelievable to know such fish. He came to know that this fish is more than 20 years older. But the first thing he did was contacting his co authors from Australian fisheries. He wondered if he saw something right or not.

Brett and his colleagues identifies fishes to be the nature’s gift to everyone. In all this the biologists examined in total three fishes named Midnight Snapper (Macolor macularis), Red Bass (Lutjanus bohar) and White Snapper (Macolor niger). But none of the fishes came in existence commercially.

They say that fish’s close relatives are long living fish in the ocean. Every record belongs to the Greenland Shark.

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