Mika Singh says he didn’t get work since 8 months

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Mika Singh
Mika Singh considers to be a great singer in Bollywood music industry. Recently according to the sources his new Song Ek pappi is about to release by upcoming movie Sayonee. Mika Singh says he did not get any work in previous eight months. He states this to IANS that he is excited to watch this film on December 18 and eager to praise. He addresses, while era of pandemic have been going on and no such release have came across, he was getting bore. Mika says that it will be something far away from boredom and people can now watch the film. Also, he says that people haven’t watched movies in theatres since long. And this is going to be the right time to watch.

Mika addresses that movie is going to release on December 18. Mika says that the song is has new composers and it is well created by Ananta and Aman. He states that when he was humming the song, after humming it for three four times, it seems him to be really funny and it has some double meaning words too but overall it is a great song and is done very well. The film is going to feature Tanmay Singh, Rahul Roy, Muskan Sethi, Upasana Singh, Yograj Singh playing key roles in the movie. Mika also spoke about the recent incident over Kangana Ranaut. He says that he confesses about him supporting to the wrong person since this while. Mika says that he was wrong.

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