Arshi Khan asks Rahul Mahajan to give her for diamond ring

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Arshi Khan
Bigg Boss taking itself a step higher always. While before some days Arshi Khan and Rahul Mahajan enters the Bigg Boss 14 house as challengers. Everyone has now came into the view the Rahul is entertaining after seeing him in Bigg Boss 14. Rahul Mahajan was having a conversation while washing clothes. Where Rahul Mahajan Arshi Khan if she can wash his clothes, to which Arshi Khan replies that she will wash his clothes only if he will give her a Diamond ring and that too expensive. While on this Rahul Mahajan replies to Arshi that he can give her a ring worth Rs. 50, 000 but on the same note cannot buy her a ring worth crores.

Arshi addresses that she wants a ring of only 3 lacs and not more than that. While after all this happened, Rahul Mahajan was having a conversation with Jasmin Bhasin an dsay that whenever he will go outside this house, he is going to bring Aly Goni as her ‘Dulha’ inside the house. While on this, referring to the Barter proposal, Arshi says Jasmine to not to believe him as he is liar.

Amid all this Arshi and Kashmera accuses Rahul Mahajan for playing mind games in the house. Along with Kashmera now the contestants who are nominated for eviction are Eijaz, Abhinav Shukla and Rahul Mahajan.

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