Akshay says he is jealous of not meeting Christopher Nolan yet

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Akshay Kumar shares a video interview of Twinkle Khanna interviewing Christopher Nolan. Twinkle asks him about his impression of Bollywood and asks about casting her mother Dimple Kapadia in Tenet. Former author and actor recently got an opportunity to interview filmmaker Christopher. She interviews him as his movie Tenet finally arrives in India in this very month. While on this Akshay shares the video on twitter and says that he is the only one who haven’t met Christopher Nolan yet. He says that her mother in law did work with Christopher Nolan. And now his wife is interviewing the ace director himself. While on this he addresses that it seems like he is the only one now who haven’t meet him yet.

Twinkle Khanna starts interviewing Nolan by asking him about the picture that was posted earlier last year by Karan Kapadia, her cousin. She also states the caption he wrote at that time which says that he was so excited to meet Christopher Nolan. Twinkle Khanna also asks Nolan about the ideology behind making a picture like Tenet. Also with that casting Dimple Kapadia in the movie. She asks about what are his thoughts over Bollywood and more. Christopher Nolan while talking about Bollywood says that he is a fan. He says that Bollywood movies have sort of sensibilities unlike Hollywood. He say that Hollywood has been giving Superhero genre since this while. But Bollywood have energy films.

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