Hardik Pandya says – “I really didn’t know what misogynistic meant.”

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Hardik Pandya
It all began from Koffee with karan. No wonder if the world forgot the controversy but one always have to pay for the wounds. Two years have passed since Hardik Pandya made controversial statements on the show Koffee with Karan. But world and the people against him always bring the things up. He attended that stream with his co-cricket mate K.L. Rahul and would definitely have regretted hid decision to do so.

After all what happened in the show people used to portray Hardik Pandya as the sexist and misogynist. BCCI also took the actions against Hardik Pandya for the same. Not only to him but BCCI also prohibited K.L. Rahul and sent both from the Australia tour back to India. Hardik Pandya and K.L. Rahul were also fined by 20 Lakh rupees by BCCI for attempting such statements.

In recent interview, Hardik said that people use misogynist and sexist for me but I have no idea what it really means. He said that earlier he used to thing if people used the word to make fun of him. But later he came to know that the word refers to the person who dislikes women. To his he added that how can someone tell if he dislike women, his home is all about women. He also told how these controversies became a huge drawback for him. He suffered many trolls and a lot more. After the controversy happened he told that he locked himself up in the room to avoid this all and to be way from  the backlash being taking place here and there.

He also stated that for first time he felt like his life was not in control of himself. He didn’t knew what has been happening around but women in his family were always there.

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