Mukesh Khanna says no to Saif Ali Khan’s Apology

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Mukesh Khanna
Mukesh Khanna recently on Saif Ali Khan‘s comment for Ravana in Adipurush. Mukesh Khanna says that why can’t Saif thinks before speaking. It is all happening due to the humanely portraying of Ravasome na in Adipurush. While all this is being happening, Saif Ali Khan issues an apology too but Mukesh Khanna rejects it. Saif says that some of his statements from recent interviews did have hurt many and creates offence too.

Saif Ali Khan is going to play Ravana’s role in Adipurush. He says that Adipurush, the upcoming movie will tell the real reason behind abduction of Sita and also humanises the image of Ravana in context with his action that were being taken by him. While after Saif states this in his interview Mukesh Khanna says it is more than attacking the religion. Saif unwillingly says all this and to which he issues an apology too but Mukesh lashes out over this.

After all this happened, Mukesh shares a video addressing the issues and also writes that filmmakers are still just targeting the religion and it is something that should not be done. He says that Laxmi bomb have just exploded and there comes another one. He also reacts to the objectionable statement of Saif Ali Khan in an interview. Actor also states that they should try playing such characters different religions too and they will come to know about what then happens then.


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