Dharmendra says – he won’t celebrate his birthday

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Dharmendra is about to turn 85 on 8 December. In an interview he states that no matter how full of life he is. But with people suffering all around the world due to pandemic and more, it doesn’t feels happy to him to celebrate his birthday. He says that earlier he used to celebrate his birthday with charm and happiness but with time he began realizing that it is nothing but a world of people showing off. He states that people uses their birthday as an aspect of promotion.

Dharmendra says that he is a dreamer and always want to keep going in life. But due to pandemic and farmer’s suffering he feels sad and does not wish to celebrate his birthday. He confronted that after losing his mother years back, he do not much enjoy his birthday and have lost all the excitement. He is right now with his family in Mumbai and about to return in Lonavala to his farmhouse.

Dharmendra recalls the moment while when once late Ashok Kumar attended his birthday party. He remembers that he took his autograph on a Rupees 100 note. He used to dream about joining the Bollywood industry and it is the time that his dream came true finally.

Dharmendra says that he is excited to start with his sons Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol including Apne 2. He says that one need to learn how to use time or time will start using you. He says it is nature to try to be good with everyone. Dharmendra states that he is born with this quality.

While through the medium he says that government should help the farmers. He states that he never heard about farmers if they are happy or so. He hope for this to settle soon.

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