Bhumi Pednekar says – I keep challenging myself as my audience expects

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For Bhumi Pednekar this year has really been interesting. From appearing in characters for horror films to more she did show her versatility. Talking about this she says that she love to take challenges as her audience expects it from her – “It comes with a lot of responsibility, a responsibility towards the audiences. The idea is to keep reinventing, keep trying and challenging myself while doing things outside of the box. That’s more for a personal growth, plus that’s also something expected out of me from the audience. I also want to keep entertaining my fan base and keep increasing it.”

Talking about pressure while doing such varied characters. She says – “No, I’m just reacting to the story and the characters that come my way. I don’t believe in the length of role of whether it will be a commercial hit… these are stories I really want to do. I don’t have a set formula and a way of choosing my films; it is just about if I like it, I do it.”

Bhumi further says – “I feel that our narratives have changed and the audiences want newer things. They have great exposure to great content over the last few years especially because of global content. I feel that the expectation that the audience has from us are very different today and the fact that I can fulfill them makes me feel proud. I am happy that my films have been a part of this change that has happened.”

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