Arjun Mathur – I want to act till the day I die, money and fame is incidental

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Arjun Mathur
Arjun Mathur came on the floors through “Luck by Chance” a film by Zoya Akhtar. Talking about his journey he says – “Lucky by Chance (2009) was just my first feature film to put me in public consciousness. I don’t know what this ‘change’ is supposed to be, a lot of people ask me how has life changed. It doesn’t, I still wake up and do the same things. The only change is I get a wider variety of work. I hope beyond that life doesn’t change much.”

Talking about his experiences and more, Arjun Mathur says – “I only want to be simply working as an actor, as I have been doing for 13 years. Of course, everybody hopes for a good end result, but what is it after all? Where is the end? The hunger never ends, I want to be acting till the day I die. Everything that comes along, whether it’s appreciation, money or fame, is incidental.”

Arjun Mathur says that he always want to do acting and keep on the journey till he dies. He also tells about how important the acting as career is for him. It is like following heart and working constantly for that and achieving success.

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