Ronit Roy – 2020 taught us not to take anything for granted

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Ronit Roy
Ronit Roy feels happy to have releases this year. Audience have been praising him for his performances in various characters. He says about the vacation he had plans for – “But mid-February, I cancelled all plans as many countries were reporting Covid-19 cases, so I knew that travel won’t be possible. Thankfully, after five months of lockdown and unlock here, spending three months in Dubai with family was a welcome change. It’s been a tough year. I’ve had to take care of all my people and luckily, I managed. Now, we are back to normal and now the wave of new strain of coronavirus has begun (smiles). So, let’s see.”

About the mask video he did share which became viral. He shares – “There was a bit irritation basically as we were all sitting at home and watching videos on how to make masks with sewing machines, cloth pieces and plastic bands! I mean, people were stuck in a lockdown, how is one going to get a sewing machine. So, using a T-shirt for a mask was a thought. Everyone has a T-shirt at home so it would be easy to use. I hoped it helped people.”

Ronit Roy talks about the releases of 2020 and say – “Hostages was a huge hit and KKHH too did well. Now, my 2021 is booked. But 2020 taught us not to take anything for granted. One has learnt a lot of lessons this year. So, now I am chilling and working and taking each day by day. I have finished dubbing for Shamshera co-starring Ranbir Kapoor, and a film Saat Kadam with Amit Sadh should be out soon. Will wrap up my ongoing web show by February and have two feature films- a biopic and a thriller- to shoot next. I have two web shows lined up as well. It will be all work.”

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