Armaan Malik could star in a movie but has a condition to do that

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armaan malik
Armaan Malik ‘s recent release Veham is taking everyone’s heart and crosses 11 million views on Youtube. The song features Asim Riaz and Sakshi Malik. Armaan Malik has lately been getting many acting offers. While talking about the acting offers, he says – “A lot of people have approached me to act in their films. After watching my music videos, people feel I can become an actor. I just think that I don’t want to do anything half-heartedly. I have been learning music since childhood. Don’t want to act just for the sake of it. Want to be well prepared before coming into films and I also want to be presented in a good manner”.

Armaan also talks over why preparation is important for acting and says – “Dancing and action are important parts of acting and I don’t think I have those skills at this point of time. So, I want to prepare myself and then venture into acting. Now, my entire time is occupied with music. Think so I don’t find the space where I can try acting. If an interesting project comes my way, like playing the role of a musician in a web series or a film, I might consider it, because it comes naturally to me. Otherwise, even haven’t given a thought about acting. I just respond to a project based on whether it appeals to me as an artist or not.

Also he addresses that – “I don’t have much attraction towards trending on social media or getting millions of views for my songs. When you get millions of views for a song it means people like your song but when they write something or react on social media about my songs that makes me happier than anything else. Feel blessed that all my songs have been appreciated by the audience. When they come on my shows they sing along with me and that’s the biggest achievement for any artist,”

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