The recording of the music video for the song ‘Tera Main Ho Gaya’ was completed in Delhi

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Tera Main Ho GayaUpcoming new talented Singer Prashant Mishra and famous singer Meenakshi SR recorded the song under the direction of Madhav S Rajput, who is a well-known music director, actor, singer, and director.

The recording took place at Katharas Studio in Safdarjung Enclave. During the recording, Prashant Mishra and Madhav S Rajput talked about the upcoming song. It is worth noting that Madhav S Rajput had previously directed the famous music video ‘ Ayodhya Ke Shri Ram ‘ with actor Ravi Kishan. Madhav S Rajput, the music director of the song, said that they have recorded a very melodious song, which they plan to shoot on a large scale.

He also mentioned that he always gives opportunities to new talents and will continue to do so in the future. Singer Prashant Mishra expressed his gratitude for getting the chance to work with an excellent music director like Madhav S Rajput in the initial phase of his career. The producer of the music video, Richa Singhania, expressed her excitement about the project and appealed to the audience to support their hard work. The music video features Madhav S Rajput as the lead actor, with Ramchandra Srivastava as the writer, Prashant Mishra and Meenakshi SR as the singers, and Madhav S Rajput as the music director. The shooting for the video will take place at various locations in Mumbai, and it will feature famous Bollywood actresses alongside Madhav S Rajput.

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