Kareena Kapoor opens up about her bond with sister Karishma Kapoor

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kareena kapoor

The Bollywood sibling duo of Kareena Kapoor  and Karishma Kapoor is winning everyone’s heart since beginning. Both of them have a huge fan base. In an interaction with Kareena Kapoor, she reveals about the bond she shares with sister Karishma.  She shares that Karishma is someone from whom she can seek an advice, no matter about what. She says – “I think it would be my sister. We are really close. We’re more like best friends rather than sisters. We share everything. There is complete transparency. I’m more of her elder sister like she says coz I’m always firing her and advising her. But, whenever she feels something, she is always my go to person. My immediate thing would be that I would turn to her. She is the person that would come to my mind.”

On karishma Kapoor’s style she says – “I don’t think I would like to change anything about her style. But, I would like to reduce all those blacks in her closet and throw in some color.”

When asked about the best advice she has been receiving from her sister Karishma she says she is lucky. While on the other hand, she talks about the advice and say – “My sister has always been so supportive. She is somebody who believes in me 100 percent. She’s somebody who doesn’t judge me for anything. She is somebody who loves me unconditionally. Somebody who’ll always tell me ‘be real, be your own person, follow whatever you think is right.’ My career path also and my personal life also, I think in many ways we’re chalk and cheese. But, she’s always supported. Even if she doesn’t believe in something I do, she’ll always allow me and support me to do that. I think that is the biggest advice that she’s given.”

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